We offer assistance in developing new ideas and strive to find the most effective solutions for our customers. We make clear requirements specifications for projects to minimize the errors and the need for changes that may arise later. Well-made specifications are an important foundation for both small and large projects.

internet connection concept, 3d generated image


The modern mobile web is now mainstream, which makes the web even more important platform than before. Progressive web apps (PWA) are a way to build app-focused experiences that are as reliable and fast as native mobile apps.

We have experience of Angular framework, in particular, which allows to build solutions for web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop.



Native mobile apps are becoming even more common, since most of us use smart phones daily. We have designed mobile apps for Android, which is the most popular mobile OS by far.

Current web frameworks also enable fast hybrid apps that produces the same experience for native mobile or mobile web.

Computer chip. With blue tint.


We also have experience on embedded systems, whether it’s to design printed circuit boards or embedded software. We also have good contacts with a number of PCB assembly manufacturers and can there arrange the production of the finished product. With us you will also get a working prototype with a fast schedule.

We are using both PADS and Eagle design software.

We offer a comprehensive service from an idea to the final product! Contact us no matter what kind of need you have!